The way how technology is designed and created really matters. We want to raise awareness about the politics of technology.

Does technology have politics?

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The Racist Soap Dispensor

Read about the soap dispensor that does not work for people with not-white skin tones.

Facial Recognition

Read about the weaknesses of big data analysis in the context of face recognition.

Biased Hiring Software

Read how algorithms reproduce societal inequalities in the context of automated hiring technology.

About the project

We are students from the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS). As a project within our Masters Programme we want to raise awareness about the politics of technological artifacts.

Why is that important?

Technological artifacts contain a lot of political dimensions. The discourse about technology and digitization is often dominated by promises about efficiency and welfare but the negative side-effects are very often left out.

We do not want to ban technology or avoid technological progress but we claim for inclusive design and reflection about the impact of technologies we create as a society.

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We created lovely stickers that allow you to tag technological objects in the public so others get to know us.

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